1066 & the Norman Conquest

The story of the Norman Conquest of England does not begin in 1066. Rather, it begins with events that happened during the reigns of King Knute the Mighty, in England and Duke William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy. The Norman Conquest was a pivotal event in English history and all subsequent developments in the English monarchy, English government, society, language and outlook are coloured by it.

This educational CD ROM, is designed to fit the requirements of the English National Curriculum, History Stage 3, Unit 1, as set by the Department for Education and Employment, London. It can also be used as a base for General Certificate of Secondary Education studies. The CD is a total resource, allowing users to read the full background to the Norman Conquest and form their own opinion of event and its consequences.

In addition to the written material there are video clips, sound clips and animation to give greater illustration to the material.

This CD-ROM also contains primary sources including the complete Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Written material: Geoff Boxell, with additional writings by Guy Points, Betty Hale, and Brian Wright.

Illustrations and photographs: Þa Engliscan Gesiðas, Regia Anglorum, Bruce Gough, Huscarls, John Clark, Cathy Ball and Geoff Boxell.

Video clips : ã 2000 Regia Anglorum, John Clark 2002.

Sound clips: Stephen Pollington, Cathy Ball

Music tracks: Clarion, PO Box Waitomo, NEW ZEALAND ã 2000.

Cover illustration: John Clark ã 2000 johnclark@artist33.freeserve.co.uk.

Technical engineers: Kristi Panui and Margot Woolley.

This CD may be loaded onto a server and read via a Web Browser, or used as a 'stand-alone' CD using your computer's CD drive.  PC & Mac compatible.


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